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Dickson® Brand Fabric

For the complete selection of Dickson fabrics available click here . Please note that not all of the fabrics at the Dickson link are currently available in the USA. Please call or use live help or email for availability.

Dickson Fabric is a name and a product that stands for good quality and style. Since 1836, the company has been creating fabrics with the mindset towards developing new styles, types, and techniques. Starting with linens, the development of fabrics quickly changed to new and experimental types that eventually were made strong enough to create durable sails for ships.

To enhance any area, Dickson fabric has been at the forefront of outdoor fabrics that can withstand the rougher elements and last for a long time. The modern Dickson now uses versatile solution dyed acrylic fabrics in order to offer a soft texture and has solar protection to guard against ultraviolet (UV) A and B radiation. The fabric is made with a special finish that makes it water repellant in order to maintain its bright colors and to resist dirt and soil staining. Their retractable awning fabric is also tested rigorously in order to ensure their performance, the longevity of their durable nature, and their coloring. Contact RetractableAwnings.com today to find the perfect Dickson fabric for your retractable awning!

Dickson fabric is offered by RetractableAwnings.com in 20 different styles and 88 different types. By having such a wide inventory and versatility, we are able to provide each of our clients with the perfect style for their home, business, or institution. In order to make this easy for each of our customers, we provide several different tools:

  • Our 3D-rendering tool provides an accurate picture of how a retractable awning frame and fabric of any size will look at your location by using pictures of your home and your exact location.

  • Our fabric selector will guide you through choosing between different colors and styles.

  • You’ll be able to look over and feel the different options we have because we provide free samples for any type of fabric you might be considering.

Energy Saving

Since 2002, the European Union has been devising ways to encourage both individuals and companies to reduce their energy usage. Part of what the EU is emphasizing is passive cooling and heat control because the largest energy use area is heating and cooling. Architects have wildly embraced this, exploring ways to reduce electricity use, and they have turned to the classic European awning.

Dickson fabrics on retractable awnings have been tested and shown to keep buildings cooler, lessening the amount of air conditioning required:

  • Indoor temperatures were lowered 4 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Air conditioning use was lowered 30% to 50%

Dickson fabrics achieve some of the highest UV ratings, blocking anywhere from 90% to an astonishing 99% of UV rays. (A 90% UV block rate for the light colored fabrics is stronger than wearing 50 SPF sun screen.) This also moderates brightness, keeping the area under the awning between 1,000 and 5,000 Lux (when the noon sun is 50,000 Lux). Dickson fabrics have also been tested to block 80% to 95% of solar heat energy outdoors.

Green Policy

"Green" policies are really a way of life, a way of being smart in how a company uses things and being efficient in how they do things. That's the mindset behind Dickson's environmental policies:

  • Recycling all office and facilities waste products (either for use in other manufacturing processes or by contracting out the waste)

  • Energy management planning to reduce electricity

  • Reducing gas emissions

  • Recycling water


Regularly maintaining your Dickson fabric makes it easier to clean. We recommend simply hosing it off with a jet of clear water, then brushing it with a soft brush. We strongly advise against using a high-pressure cleaner to wash your fabric. Once cleaned, leave it to dry in the open air. For harder cleaning tasks, we recommend using mild soap or 303 Fabric Cleaner, diluted in warm water. We also recommend that you re-waterproof the fabric with 303 Fabric Guard after each washing.


  • ISO 9001 Certified


Dickson fabric specs (pdf)


Dickson fabrics can use a unique system of printing, developed jointly with Sunbrella, 3M, and experienced sign-makers. Sunbrella Graphics System (SGS) uses a specially-designed machine and an innovative ink film to adhere the graphics to the fabric. Through a combination of heat and vacuum sealing, the graphic film has an unusually strong bond to the fabric, which means that the graphics last much longer and have a crisp appearance.

The SGS machine has a flexible graphics interface so the machine can cleanly print any logo, image, text, or shape on the retractable awning fabric.

This service is available through RetractableAwnings.com.

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