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Retractable Screens

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Retractable Screens

Important Note: The FAQ questions and answers below ONLY apply to retractable vertical drop awning screens from Retractableawnings.com and not to any other product type available on our website or retractable vertical drop awning screens from any other vendor.

What’s the difference between a fixed and retractable vertical drop screen?

Unlike traditional fixed screens, retractable vertical drop screens remain out of sight until they are needed. They retract into a discreet headerbox / housing when not in use - preserving your views as well as your home’s décor.

Do your retractable vertical drop screens use zippers for side track retention?

Absolutely not. Zipper retention retractable vertical drop screens are an industry wide problem and have been for years due to “blowouts” – that is the fabric coming out of the zipper from even a minimal amount of wind. Retractableawnings.com offers a proprietary, thermally fused solid end retention bead that eliminates a sewn or glued zipper and the problems related with zippers and therefore can withstand high wind load.

Our retractable vertical drop screens do not pull out of the tracks, bind, kink or break down from the harshful sun’s UV rays. Retractableawnings.com vertical drop screens will stand up to inclement weather without you having to be concerned about them being in the closed position on a windy day.

What is the largest retractable vertical drop screen size you can provide?

Retractableawnings.com ships and installs retractable vertical drop screens from 3 feet wide to a maximum of 25 feet wide with a maximum drop (height) of 25 feet – largest in the industry.

Will I be able to see through the retractable vertical drop awning screens?

The great thing about retractable vertical drop screens is that they disappear when you don't need them - meaning you can enjoy your view all year round. The retractable vertical drop screen's mesh allows you to see through the screen, and still keeps the bugs out. There are various mesh types available with different screen densities and colors, so if you want screens for solar shading or privacy, you can have that too.

What kind of bugs and insects do they stop?

That depends on what mesh type you choose - but the holes in the mesh are very small and protect against most bugs. For superior insect protection, you need to choose a mesh like Phifer No-See-Um which protects against tiny insects.

Why should I choose a Retractableawnings.com vertical drop screen rather than one from your competitors?

It's quite simple - they're the best! We're not happy unless you're happy and we'll do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction with our retractable vertical drop screens. And because we're so proud of our products, their reliability, quality and durability, we offer the only industry leading 25-year frame, parts/components warranty.

Can I use these retractable vertical drop screens on my existing doors / windows or can they only be installed on new construction?

They can be used on both existing homes and new construction. Our retractable vertical drop screens are designed to blend with all types and styles of homes - whether contemporary, traditional, eclectic, Mediterranean or any other style of home.

Do retractable screens let the rain and/or wind through?

That depends on the mesh type. Mesh types with more open weaves allow greater air flow, tighter weave mesh less so. If the wind is very strong then the mesh may produce a "sailing" but will not disengage from the side tracks. Note these retractable vertical drop screens are not designed for hurricane force winds but can handle very high winds. The mesh doesn't act as a water-resistant screen and therefore rain will penetrate the mesh. If you are looking for a water-resistant fabric we suggest using a solid, opaque light filtering fabric such as Ferrari 502 Satin.

What about my pets? Won't they break the retractable vertical drop screen?

Sometimes, when the screens are first installed, pets can get confused and bump into them. There is enough "give" in the mesh to help prevent the screen from getting damaged. However, our retractable retractable vertical drop screens are intended for insect, solar or rain protection only (depending on fabric chosen) and should not be utilized as a pet retention system.

Can I enclose my porch with retractable vertical drop screens?

Yes, you certainly can - in fact they work very well! Motorized retractable vertical drop screens are perfect for this type of application - whether you've built your porch already or are planning a new one. They can make it really simple to expand your living space and help to merge indoor and outdoor spaces to attain your perfect outdoor oasis. If using a solid, opaque light filtering fabric (not a mesh) you can air condition the area in the summer and heat the area in the winter.

How are they tested?

There are many quality control steps throughout the manufacturing process to ensure both quality and reliability. The retractable vertical drop screens are hand made and assembled and everyone in the factory takes pride in their work. Retractable vertical drop screens are pulled from production at random throughout the manufacturing process and tested to ensure they meet rigorous quality control standards. You can rest assured that the retractable vertical drop screens you or your clients receives will be tested for operation as well as durability and reliability.

Are they guaranteed?

Yes, they are. All our retractable vertical drop screens come with an industry leading 25-year frame/parts/components warranty (except mesh and solid fabrics).

Do retractable vertical drop screens need much maintenance and do I have to do it?

As the retractable vertical drop screens are retracted when not in use, they stay in their housings during wet and cold months. The amount of maintenance is therefore very minimal. We recommend cleaning the retractable vertical drop screens once or twice a season to eliminate any small dust particles in the mesh: in spring before starting to use the screens after winter season is over, and in autumn, when summer is over. You can clean our retractable vertical drop screens with mild detergent and water, and gently wipe them off.

How long do the screens last?

The retractable vertical drop screens are made from electrostatically powder coated extruded aluminum components and fiberglass or polyester/pvc mesh or Precontraint and are very durable. In fact, we're so sure of their long lives, we've created an industry leading 25-year non-prorated warranty to give you our customer complete peace of mind.

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