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Electric & Motorized Awnings

    electric awnings outdoor application

    Electric & Motorized Awnings

    Electric awnings make up nearly 100% of our product line, the only exception being the Torino model. That said, all of our retractable awnings have an amazing lifespan. Frames are tested for years of heavy use, up to 60,000 cycles, with warranties that hit 25 years. Even retractable awning fabric – usually the most vulnerable component on awnings – have up to 10 year warranties and expected 15 year lifespans.

    How is such durability possible?

    Well, it is partly because of superior components. (We pride ourselves on using only the finest parts from Italy, Germany, Austria - unlike many of our competitors, nothing from China). But a lot of the effectiveness is purely physical – retracting an awning protects it from bad weather and damage from high wind.

    Motorized awnings are the most effective style because they get used more than manual awnings. A lot more. A motorized awning is used 25% more than a manual awning in the same location. That means a motorized awning can have a much longer lifespan than a manual awning.

    The key is ease of use. Motorized awnings are a convenience in most locations – window awnings, door and property front awnings, and some patio awnings. But for large awnings – over most patios, pools, eating areas, and other large areas and our enclosures and freestanding awnings – the size and weight of the awning can make it impossible to operate manually. A motorized awning gives the strength and control that you need.

    Motorized commercial awnings also introduce so many more control options, making it easy and effortless to adjust your motorized awning for perfect shade coverage:

    • Rain, wind, motion, and sunlight sensors for instinctive responses to weather changes

    • Timers and schedules

    • Indoor or outdoor temperature sensors to control heat gain

    • Remote controls with preset positions

    • Wireless wall mounted indoor switches

    • Optional manual control

    • Home automatation compatible

    Almost all of our retractable lateral arm awnings and retractable window awnings are motorized awnings naturally. Each motorized awning uses the finest quality motors from premier international manufacturers in France.

    • Self-lubricating, maintenance-free motors

    • Torque-sensing, for taut fabric and better performance

    • Safety tested by Underwriters' Laboratory

    • Integrated with and invisible inside the fabric roller tube

    Start saving now.  Call today, and reap the benefits tomorrow. Installation is easy, and we ship and install worldwide. No matter where you are,  we are there to help.

    Top quality and superior customer service are essential when it comes to purchasing a new awning. Contact our electric & motorized awning experts in the USA or Canada toll free at 866-438-2964 or outside the USA or Canada at (305) 628-2424 or use the  live help chat tool  to learn more about how drop arm awnings will make all of the difference for your or your client’s exterior!

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