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RetractableAwnings.com has tools that can help you control your awnings at the touch of a button. Accessories like sensors allow retractable awning to be moved automatically, as the climate changes. Controls enable you to move awnings manually and to get even more out of your awnings, like monitoring sensor readings, controlling other outdoor devices like lighting, and adjusting schedules and settings.

All control devices come with a 5-year warranty.

Wall-mounted Controls

Simple Wireless Controls

The most basic control is a wireless switch which can control a single awning or a single group of awnings with wireless motors. This switch has basic open, close, and "favorite" position (for a preset position) options. This switch must be installed near a window, but it doesn't require any wiring or electrical work, so installation is a snap.

Chic Wireless Switch

The designer wall switch can be custom-adjusted for one to five controls at a single outlet. The wireless RF technology makes it simple to install – no extra electrical work – and the switch can seamless handle any mix of wireless devices, from retractable awnings to accessories like heating and MP3 players to outdoor lighting. Custom-named buttons make it easy to manage different awnings, and a convenient "All" button allows you to open or close everything at once.

An integrated lithium battery allows the chic wireless switch to be installed anywhere, with no worries about battery replacements or electric sources.

Group Controls

Group switches can a single awning or multiple groups through a wall-mounted switch. For convenience, more than one switch can be installed to control the same group. This makes it easy to manage retractable awnings in a home by giving control in major areas simultaneously. This is also a benefit for commercial awnings.

There are two types of group controls:

  • Individual control (a single awning or a single group)

  • Four-way control (up to four awnings or groups)

Keypad Control

Keypad-based access is a security feature that is very useful for businesses, offices, and group properties like apartment builds. All it takes is a short security code to open and close retractable awnings.

Key Box

Retractable awnings can be controlled through a secure key box. The key works as the switch, and a simple turn is all it takes to open or close the awning. The box itself is tamper-proof, for extra protection. This is ideal for commercial properties.


Table-top Remote

The same functions for wireless wall-mounted controls are available in a table-top remote. The notepad sized remote is ergonomically-designed for easy hand-held use. A stylish frame and non-slip feet make the table top remote attractive for a coffee table, desk, or nightstand, without scuffing the finish.

Hand-held Remotes

Like sleek TV remotes, hand-help remotes control up to five retractable awnings or groups with simple directional control. Hand-held remotes provide simple commands – open, close, and "favorite" (a preset position).

Some hand-held remotes provide extra functionality to program wind and sun sensors.

Group Remotes

Devices like awning motors can be configured as groups. The group remote control allows up to 20 groups to be managed with a single remote. All groups or the current group are displayed on an LCD screen.

As with smaller remote controls, the group remote provides basic commands like open, close, and favorite position. This remote can be used with sun sensors.

Keyring Remotes

Simple keyring-style remote controls allow you to have multiple small, inexpensive controls that anyone can use. This is perfect for businesses who want several employees to be able to adjust retractable awnings or for families who may want to be able to carry around a remote with ease. The keyring remotes are available in multiple colors.


Simu offers a system specifically designed to handle multiple devices and sensor types. This wired system can track up to 8 sensors and be hooked to multiple retractable awnings or other protection systems like rolling shutters or doors. Simu's wired controller has a digital display that shows current sensor readings and allows easy, keypad-style adjustments to any sensor or device settings.

Web-Based Controls

Somfy has a special wireless device – the Somfy Digital Network (SDN) – which connects to any RTS-enabled device, from sensors to motors. Rather than using an installed keypad for system setup and maintenance, the SDN allows you to view your sensors and change your settings online, in an easy and simple web form. Every single RTS device – from awnings to garage doors – can be handled through SDN.

Controls for Additional Devices

Somfy provides a general control box that can be tied to any electrical device up to 500W. This includes MP3 speakers and heating accessories that can be used with your retractable awning or unrelated devices like outdoor lighting. This allows any device to be controlled with remote controls, keypads, switches, or keyring controls.

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