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Simu® Brand Motors, Controls & Automation

SIMU specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance motors for retractable awnings, blinds, shutters, and grilles. SIMU offers other products that enhance and expand the performance of their motors, including rain sensors and control devices.

SIMU has been located in Gray in eastern France since its founding in 1952. The 25,000 square meter facility is the core of SIMU's design and production.

The guiding philosophy behind SIMU is professionalism. SIMU has a dedicated 800 square meter test lab on-site at its manufacturing facility so that quality assurance can be integrated with its design and production processes. Its attention to detail behind the scenes is mirrored in its outreach to customers. SIMU's market focus is professional awning companies, including RetractableAwnings.com, so they constantly reach out to their clients to incorporate performance and design needs into SIMU's development plans. An additional 4000 square meter manufacturing area dubbed a logistics platform allows SIMU to create custom motors or to augment existing production to meet customer needs directly.

RetractableAwngings.com offers SIMU motors and rain sensors for all retractable awning models.


  • Wireless motors with standard radio technology

  • Durable rain sensors


  • ISO 9001 manufacturing certification

  • Internal testing laboratory

  • A CE marking showing compliance with all required European directives, including thermal regulations (RT 2000), the building materials directive, and the radio and communications terminal directive

  • Meets European standards for wind resistance, operating force, durability, locking system performance, and fault tolerance

  • Earned the UR safety stamp in the United States with similar approvals in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Canada

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