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Somfy® Brand Motors, Controls & Automation

Somfy is the largest and most varied manufacturers for awning components. Somfy's products include everything from traditional wired awning motors to state of the art interior environment sensors. That technical description is a bit dry for a manufacturing and engineering company that prides itself on intangible benefits: clear vision, ambitious ecological leadership, and mechanical precision.

Fifty years ago, Somfy was founded in Cluses, France, a city in the Mont Blanc region bordering France and Switzerland. The region is known for Swiss timepieces, and Somfy opened in 1960 already steeped in an atmosphere of demanding detail and precision.

As part of its emphasis on quality, Somfy line-tests 100% of its products before distribution. Additionally, Somy operates an internal testing lab that conducts over 2000 types of tests and with almost 100 dedicated testing and quality assurance engineers.

As part of its vision of the future, Somfy actively participates in architectural groups with an eye to foster ecologically-minded design. Its variety of products – for retractable awnings and other systems like blinds, garage doors, and lighting – is to simplify managing a home or building so that it enhances natural lighting, cooling, and heating.

Since 1960, Somfy has expanded to 8 manufacturing sites and subsidiaries in 53 countries. Over 220 million households use Somfy products, with more than 4 million people using their wireless motor technology for retractable awnings.

RetractableAwnings.com offers all Somfy components for retractable awnings, from motors to controls to sensors. RetractableAwnings.com is proudly an approved Somfy's Exterior Products Expert.


  • Wireless motors with proprietary radio technology

  • Wired motors

  • Timers

  • A full range of controls, including mounted table controls, keypads, remote controls, and switches

  • Climate and environment sensors, including exterior brightness, interior light/temperature, rain, motion, and wind


  • ISO 9001 manufacturing certification

  • Underwriters Laboratories safety approval

  • Canadian Standard Association safety approval

  • Internal testing laboratory, operating for over 30 years

  • 100% of products are tested at the assembly line

  • 5-year warranty

  • Earned more than 600 national approvals in 40 countries

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