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Extending an awning during peak sunlight reduces heat and controls light and UV rays, even in winter or cloudy days – and targeting a specific period of time can improve energy efficiency.

Retractable awnings can move on a smooth and natural cycle. Timers extend and retract awnings on a pre-defined schedule. Sensors respond to environmental conditions like light levels. Timers operate retractable awnings on a personal schedule, opening or closing based on the schedule of your home or business.

Timers are mounted on a wall, similar to a programmable thermostat, and communicate with any RF-enabled devices. A single timer can control a single retractable awning, several awnings, or even other RF devices, such as security lights. (The highest end timer can handle up to 40 different devices.)

Using timers can emulate a normal routine through schedules. The schedule simply sets the time for the awning to extend and to retract.

RetractableAwnings.com has three different types of timer:

  • One schedule

  • Four schedules

  • 16 schedules

Schedules can be set to respond in tandem with sun  sensors , to be random (to make it appear people are home), or to have different weekday and weekend schedules. Any schedule can be deactivated and then brought back online later, and a manual schedule can be used in its place. Schedules bring flexibility.

Timers can be used with any wireless motorized retractable awning.

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