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Weather varies depending on where you live. We understand this and we’ve dedicated ourselves to being able to deliver personalized services to any individual, company, organization, business or governmental entity throughout the world. We understand that the differences in weather drastically change the types of products and features you’re going to use. That’s why we offer the different options we do—not every retractable awning , patio cover, pergola or any other product from us is meant for the same type of implementation. If you live in colder northern regions, you’re going to want a different product from those of us in sunny Florida, where we’re looking for protection from sun, wind, rain and bugs year-round.

In this segment, we’re going to explain to you which of our products are great for each situation. We will also offer ideas to the kinds of products you will want to look at, if you want a specific area of protection to accommodate your unique location.

I want protection from rain!

If you’re looking for superior rain protection, we offer several lines that are built just for that. Typically, these products have no exposed rafters, providing extra strength. Specifically, you’ll be looking at our complete line of 19 waterproof retractable patio cover systems. Each of these models is capable of handling heavy rain, making them perfect for those living in rainier areas of the northwest and coastal cities and states like Florida or the Carolinas.

What about wind protection?

When it comes to products like awnings, windows, shutters, siding and other products installed on the exterior of a property, there is a rating scale called the “Beaufort Scale Wind Rating.” We only recommend products for wind protection with above average to superior Beaufort ratings. Several of our models have Beaufort Scale Wind Ratings of 10 (55-63mph), the highest rating available in the awning industry.

Can RetractableAwnings.com’s products defend against snow and hail?

We offer a wide variety of products, and we understand them inside and out. Our products with high wind and heavy rain ratings will have sturdier structures as compared to products for low wind and light rain. We strongly suggest that you avoid letting snow build up on your retractable awning or retractable patio cover systems. If you’re looking for hail protection, you should consider one of our 19 retractable patio cover systems or our new Bioclimatique rotating louver system. For snow or hurricane protection our Bioclimatique rotating louver system is the only option.

Which products are the best for bug and pest control?

A lot of people come to us to buy products that specialize in bug and pest protection. In areas like Florida, that’s extremely important. We’re very familiar with mosquitoes and the like, and one product we’d like to recommend for this is our Cagliari line. This product is named after the Mediterranean, where we were inspired to make it.

Our Cagliari is a horizontal side open and close style awning. The product gets installed sideways, and the protective screens can be customized to your exact desires. Once completed, the Cagliari won’t let critters through its tightly woven retractable screen fabrics.

We also think you should check out the Campagnia free-standing or attached retractable patio pergola cover system. The Campagnia can be installed anywhere on your property and doesn’t need to be mounted to anything except the ground or wall. Originally, we designed this product for people that sit and even dine outside. The product features complete door-style enclosures that seal it away from the outside world. Additionally, our clientele can choose between clear vinyl skylights and different varieties of retractable drop screens.

How do I get the best in sun and UV protection?

We have some of the best TÜV certified, High Clean Finished, Sanitized, Confidence in Textiles, Sanitized Silver and Teflon coated water resistant fabrics from Para and water proof fabrics from Ferrari Textiles to enhance your retractable awning, patio cover or anything else.

Some of our products are intended for convenient sun protection when you want or need it, and clear skies when it’s convenient. For example, our Turin attached retractable patio cover system combines minimalism with modernism to create an extremely efficient piece of UV and heavy rain protection.

The Turin uses a minimalistic design to have a huge impact on the property it is used around. Talk to an expert at RetractableAwnings.com today!

Our Conclusion

We have a lot of products that suit a lot of different wants and needs. If you’ve been struggling with finding the right product for your commercial, residential, industrial, governmental or institutional property, consult with us. Through our proprietary Awning Selector you can work with us step-by-step to find the right solution for your property. Contact us today for more information or guidance with any questions or concerns.

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