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Benefits of Retractable Awning / Retractable Pergola Patio and Deck Cover System Residential and Commercial / Business Financing



TimePayment offers an affordable means of financing for Retractable Awning Retractable pergola patio and deck cover system buyers nationwide for both residential and commercial customers.

Why Finance Your Purchase?

Do you need to purchase a new Retractable Awning / Retractable pergola patio and deck cover system for your business or home, but don't have the available cash or credit you need? If so, TimePayment, our vendor of choice, can help. There are many benefits of financing your purchase with TimePayment:

Fast Credit Decisions

Apply online anytime via this link or call our Timepayment representative Gregory Marullo toll free 866-994-7766. Receive a credit decision for the maximum amount you can finance in seconds. Start-ups and challenged credits supported.

Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments

Know your monthly payment and terms in advance so you can handle your monthly cash flow more easily.

Minimal Upfront Cost

Most Timepayment standard lease programs only require one advance payment and the documentation fee prior to the start of the lease.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.

Preserve Existing Bank & Credit Card Lines

Leasing with TimePayment lets you acquire the equipment you need affordably, while preserving your other sources of credit.

For customers of Retractableawnings.com, TimePayment offers a range of lease to own packages, all with ownership of the product at the end of term in mind. These can be structured for as short as a one (1) year term on the “Baker’s Dozen lease” (which comes with an $1,800 minimum for consumer, or individual leases, and $3,000 minimum for commercial leases) or can be offered for a length of term from two to five years for other lease packages.

In the case of a well-established Commercial Business (3+ years In Business), Timepayment can typically approve that business based on their business credit alone. In cases of start-up businesses, or businesses with challenged credit, Timepayment can also approve a transaction utilizing a principal member of that business’ personal credit. In an individual circumstance, Timepayment can allow for a wide range of credit approvals, with Timepayment’s willingness to accept FICO scores as low as 550. Timepayment offers many types of lease to own financing.

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