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7 Patio Cover Ideas For Your Backyard

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Is the outside space of your or your client’s home begging for a stylish renovation? Are you or your client tired of being locked inside when the temperatures become too hot to handle? Summertime is approaching and bringing with it intense heat and a lot of rain, but weather elements should never deter a homeowner or business owner’s customers from enjoying their backyard or outdoor area. As such, adding a shade structure that can withstand open-air conditions is the perfect solution to extending an outdoor space and enhancing a home or business’s overall aesthetic. While the concept of adding an outdoor retractable patio cover system seems simple, thinking through the multitude of patio cover ideas becomes overwhelming without proper guidance. Ultimately, this decision-making process is essential to creating an eye-catching, functional outdoor lifestyle for you, your family, your patrons, or your client to enjoy.

From the ideal placement to the right design to the variety of specialty features, great patio cover ideas can truly elevate the look of your or your client’s entire outdoor living space. In addition to patio covers , freestanding awnings are another option to consider. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 7 patio cover ideas to upgrade your or your client’s outdoor space:

  1. Contemporary homes looking for a patio cover with minimalistic and stylish vibes should consider the Amsterdam model . These extremely modern terrace pergolas offer functionality and elegance to beautify the outside area of any home.

  2. A freestanding patio cover like the Forli is an excellent way to make a statement with beautiful fabric that matches your backyard color scheme.

  3. Looking for a unique alternative? The Bergamo is part pergola and part awning – making it the perfect outdoor room. LED lights can even be integrated into the frame, either around the perimeter or across the awning windbreak bars, for soft light and a uniquely awesome look.

  4. Impress your neighbors with an awning style that they’ve never seen before – the Milan ! The diamond shape canopy awning has a frame that is essentially a large X and can be installed at almost any angle. This is a visual effect that creates the ideal balance of light and shade, all while adding unmatched beauty to your outdoor lifestyle!

  5. Do you want to build an outdoor room? The Bolzano allows for just that! The elegant frame can have built-in front panels with either a guided shade or sliding glass panels. These features paired with a vertical drop awning offer protection, privacy, and an extra room in your backyard.

  6. If your home has a minimalist look and feel than the Siracusa is the perfect patio cover idea for you! The style of this awning gives more attention to the fabric of the patio cover itself, making it a sleek and stylish option.

  7. Does your backyard have some space challenges? The Ferrara can fit in almost any space and can attach to existing homes or buildings. Either pitched, flat, or angled, this patio cover offers an excellent array of options to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product.

Brainstorming a look for your or your client’s backyard area is often the most difficult part in coming up with the right patio cover idea. If you’re still feeling stuck, take a look at this incredible Awning Finder that guides you throughout the process of choosing the perfect retractable patio and deck pergola cover system for your specific home or your client’s specific home. Still have a few more questions? Contact our experts in the USA or Canada toll free at 866-438-2964 or outside the USA or Canada at (305) 628-2424 or use the live help chat tool for patio cover ideas that will fulfill all of your or your client’s outdoor needs!

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