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Free Standing Retractable Awnings

As a prudent, forward looking home or business owner, you want to maximize your space to add living comfort and property equity. You've viewed the options, debated various avenues, and now you've landed here at Rectractableawnings.com. Finally, your search for the premier property addition ended. As an expert in free standing awnings, we are leaders in a cottage industry that morphs your wide-open property into an outdoor oasis.

Imagine the benefits of having what amounts to another room conveniently located just steps away from your home or office. A free standing awning is fixed securely in position to provide cover from the elements and induce cooling, comfortable shade. Simultaneously, they offer your family or clients a place to get away from confined indoor areas, which can be stuffy and claustrophobic. Sometimes it's important to get a breath of fresh air, or to have a place to go and relax. These products provide just this opportunity. In other words, they offer the ultimate luxury for any home or business owner. What our expert team delivers is more than just an outside lounging area. Our retractable free standing awnings can provide an entire new outdoor refuge for you to use as you please. With the ability to have shade on demand, many clients plan an entire living or working area underneath our awnings, complete with couches, grills, dining spaces, desks, and other amenities. From business owners to homeowners, our products have helped countless people realize their dream property improvements. With just one call, you can realize your dream too.

More durable than makeshift canopies and more attractive than traditional screened in areas, a retractable free standing awning essentially offers the ability to create a place that others are drawn to. Perfect outdoor moments are hard to find in life, but our free standing awnings allow our customers to continuously tap the potential of the great outdoors. Imagine working or dining with a sweet-smelling breeze at your back, natural sunlight that you can control, and the feeling of peace that only the outdoors can offer. Furthermore, our lateral folding arm awnings, fitted for outdoor patios and other areas, come with a vertical drop that extends as far or as short as you want. With a wind sensor built into the product, and motor controlled with a single channel remote, you get total control over your space.

Contact  one of our experts today to discuss the options to convert your open space into an outside retreat, perfect for personal or business functions. Host a private party, a business meeting, gala event, or simply create a new gathering space for your family. Call now! We are here to assist you in any way possible. A quality free standing awning can be yours today!

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