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Bergamo: Functional elegance

Simplicity is never simple to achieve. It takes attention to detail, quality workmanship, and an understanding of design. The Bergamo is part pergola, part  awning , and it creates a wholly unique style.

The Bergamo is typically a wall-mounted frame, although it can also be installed as a freestanding pergola. The sleek front posts allow something that is not typical with a traditional awning: enclosure. The Bergamo has an optional front drop shade, integrated into the frame and almost invisible when closed. This front shade provides privacy and unparalleled protection from sun, dust, and debris. There is more than one style for the Bergamo; the Bergamo can have sliding glass panels (with or without an aluminum frame) for even more privacy and with water-tight seals against rain. There is even an option to attach vertical drop awnings to the sides of the Bergamo, enclosing the space completely. Depending on your space, the Bergamo can blend with your building and provide the feeling of an outdoor room, an extension of your architecture.

The Bergamo frame is made of aluminum, powder-coated for vibrant colors and longevity, with integrated gutters for efficient rain control. These materials are naturally rust-resistant and retain their beauty in a variety of climates. The fabric is a special PVC canvas which is durable in damaging UV exposure, resists sagging, and provides excellent light protection. The fabric can be either completely opaque for maximum privacy and protection, or it can be microperforated, letting in diffused, soft light. These quality materials mean that the Bergamo will keep its beauty and enhance your location for years.

The Bergamo offers other details that enhance both its beauty and utility:

  • LED lights integrated into the frame, either around the perimeter or across the awning ribs, for soft light

  • Integrated motor for easy movement

  • Sensors for light and wind to maximize the positioning and protect the awning

For a slightly larger option, check out the Bolzano which can be almost 30 feet wide (900cm).


  • Minimum width:3 feet 3 inches

  • Minimum projection:3 feet 3 inches

  • Maximum width:42 feet 7 inches

  • Maximum projection:21 feet 4 inches

  • Bergamo installation instructions



  • Somfy RTS radio motors with built in receiver

  • Manual (to a maximum width and projection of 16 feet 4 inches square)

  • Both 110v and 220v motors available

  • Hard-wired or plug-in motors available

  • Patented motor safety box which can be installed on a wall or running profile


  • Standard color frames -  Approximately  8-9 weeks

  • Custom color frames -  Approximately  9-10 weeks

Note: Additional delivery time could occur for customs and depending on the time between when the order is ready and when the ship departs


  • Ceiling, soffit, or eave

  • Wall

  • Freestanding - Single or Double


  • Bergamo installation instructions

  • Terni F installation instructions and specifications



  • Optional heater

  • Optional LED lighting

  • Exterior and/or interior wall switch

  • Remote control

  • Timer

  • Module for control via a smartphone or tablet

  • Sliding doors

  • Vertical drop recessed awning screens (Terni model F only)

  • Clear vinyl skylights for more light while still being water-proof

Configure & Order Bergamo

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