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Bolzano: Best of Two Worlds

There are so many ways to provide shade. The shade part is easy -- it's finding the right design and aesthetic that really opens up a horizon of possibilities. Pergolas have a more dramatic, substantive look, echoing permanent construction and working to define a space visually. Retractable awnings provide shade when it's needed (and add color or texture) and then retract as weather and seasons change, to extend the longevity of the canopy.

The Bolzano lives in both worlds and brings out the best of both. It is typically wall-mounted (although there is also a freestanding option). Its elegant, minimalist frame is visible without being ostentatious. It evokes a stylistic response. The Bolzano integrates some of the best aspects of retractable awnings, with a retractable canopy for a balance of shade, light, and openness. Additionally, the Bolzano can have built-in front panels, either a guided shade or sliding glass panels, to create a feeling of protection and comfort. The integrated front panels and canopy can be retracted and create completely uninhibited views or extended and stopped at any point to provide the exact amount of shade. Optionally, vertical drop awnings can be installed on the sides for more protection and privacy.

The Bolzano has an aluminum frame which is intrinsically rust-resistant and handles changing weather and different climates with ease. The frame is powder-coated for crisp colors that resist fading and damage. Drainpipes and gutters are integrated into the front posts to effectively handle rain and runoff.

The canopy itself is a special PVC-based canvas, so it has the softness of fabric combined with the toughness of man-made materials. The fabric can either completely block lightor can be micro-perforated to allow in soft, filtered light.

As with all RetractableAwnings.com models, the details set the Bolzano apart for quality. The Bolzano components are designed and manufactured in Italy. There are accessories that can expand the usefulness (and beauty) of the Bolzano, such as LED lights integrated into the frame, integrated motors, and control sensors.


  • Maximum width:511.3 inches (1300cm)

  • Maximum projection :354.3 inches (900cm)

  • Profile, support posts:4x6 inches (10x15cm)

  • Profile, top beam with guides:6.3x10.6 inches (16x27cm)

  • Bolzano installation instructions



  • Somfy RTS radio motors with built in receiver

  • Manual (to a maximum width and projection of 16 feet 4 inches square)

  • Both 110v and 220v motors available

  • Hard-wired or plug-in motors available

  • Patented motor safety box which can be installed on a wall or running profile

  • Remote control


  • Micro-perforated PVC /fiberglass fabric

  • Light-blocki ng Precontraint fabric  canvas

  • Light filtering Precontraint fabric

  • An industry-leading 10-y ear fabric warranty


  • Remote control

  • Wind sensor

  • Wind-sun sensor

  • LED lights (RGB, including white)

  • LED lin lights along the ribs of the cover

  • Optional heater

  • Exterior and/or interior wall switch

  • Remote control

  • Timer

  • Sliding doors

  • Vertical drop recessed awning screens (Terni model F only)

  • Clear vinyl skylights for more light while still being water-proof


  • Ceiling, soffit, or eave

  • Wall

  • Freestanding - Single or Double


  • Standard color frames - Approximately 8-9 weeks

  • Custom color frames - Approximately 9-10 weeks

Note: Additional delivery time could occur for customs and for the time between when the order is ready and when the ship departs


Configure & Order Bolzano

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