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Campagnia: The harmony of balance

With the Campagnia pergola, there is nothing between you and nature. Unless you want there to be. The Campagnia has minimalist, sharp lines and angles, with a completely flat awning canopy that is so unique, it is patented. This balance of line and light is what makes the Campagnia so compelling.

The Campagnia can be used to create any kind of outdoor space. This pergola can be either freestanding or, alternatively, mounted to a wall. A single unit is itself very large (roughly 18x23 feet), but it can be coupled together in different orientations,  as many as four together . Two units can even be offset, creating an L pattern. This flexibility allows you to create and own your space and to make it functional for dining, seating, or mixed use. And additional details can make the Campagnia even more useful for your space, like different types of integrated LED lighting (around the perimeter or along the canopy ribs) for easy 24-hour use or motors, remote controls, and wind or wind-sun sensors for automatic and easy management.

The Campagnia's large size and simple design give it a sense of openness and oneness with nature, but it can also offer protection and security. The Campagnia offers three different types of enclosures:

  • A patented integrated vertical awning system which completely encloses the area in fabric of your selection, kept in place with hidden guides.

  • Aluminum framed glass panels, which open and close on a quiet guided system

  • Glass-only sliding panels, which can nearly disappear with crystal clearness and offer unobstructed views all around

The glass panel systems are both tested for water-tightness and wind resistance. The fabrics are not watertight, but do offer protection from sun, wind, dust and pollen, and precipitation. The frame itself is powder-coated aluminum, offering a relatively light weight yet durable design.

With its perfectly flat canopy, the Campagnia has to deal with rain and runoff effectively, which it does with a patented system of integrated drainpipes and tilted guttering. Along with managing moisture on the awning, the tilter guttering system prevents evaporation within the frame. The draining system has been tested and certified for rain amounts equalling an amazing 14.5 inches (369mm) per hour.


  • Maximum width:216.5 inches (550cm)

  • Maximum length:275.6 inches (700cm)

  • Profile, support posts:6x6 inches (15x15cm)

  • Profile, top beam with guttering:6x12.6 inches (15x32cm)



  • Somfy RTS radio motors with built in receiver

  • Manual (to a maximum width and projection of 16 feet 4 inches or 500cm square)

  • Both 110v and 220v motors available

  • Hard-wired or plug-in motors available

  • Patented motor safety box which can be installed on a wall or running profile

  • Remote control



  • Remote control

  • Wind sensor

  • Wind-sun sensor

  • LED lights (RGB, including white)

  • LED lin lights along the ribs of the cover

  • Optional heater

  • Exterior and/or interior wall switch

  • Timer

  • Sliding doors

  • Vertical drop recessed awning screens (Terni model F only)

  • Clear vinyl skylights for more light while still being water-proof


  • Freestanding

  • Wall-mounted 

  • Multiple units can be butted side by side for unlimited widths


  • Standard color frames - Approximately 8-9 weeks

  • Custom color frames - Approximately 9-10 weeks

Note: Additional delivery time could occur for customs and for the time between when the order is ready and when the ship departs


Configure & Order Campagnia

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