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The Cagliari echoes the Mediterranean salt and sea of its namesake. The Cagliari is a unique drop screen: it opens sideways. Other retractable screens, like the Bari and the Brescia, drop down; they're mounted on a wall and have side guide cables or tracks to help move the screen.

The Cagliari is installed sideways and the screen is pulled across horizontally and latched to a floor-mounted stanchion. The Cagliari doesn't use guide tracks of any kind, so when it's closed, the spaces between are completely unimpaired.

The Cagliari provides sun and UV protection because of its high-grade fabrics, which are rated to block harmful sun rays. It also provides protection in light rain and some protection from other environmental irritants, like pollen, dust, and bugs.

The essence of the Cagliari screen, though, is its design. The Cagliari is really an outdoor partition, a moveable, colorful wall that gives privacy, protection, and intimacy even in wide open spaces. The Cagliari is ideal for outdoor seating areas at restaurants or common areas and can be used to shield patrons from a busy street or hot sun or even to create small private areas. The Cagliari is also suited to spaces like hot tubs, balconies, decks , or pools, which need a mix of sun and privacy.

The Cagliari's powder-coated steel frame and high-quality fabrics make it durable and long-lived even in demanding marine environments. The Cagliari is recommended for use on boats and yachts, where it gives protection from salty sea spray and the glare of the sun off the water.

The Cagliari, unlike other RetractableAwnings.com retractable awnings and screens, can only be moved manually. This means that there are no motors, sensors, timers, or other accessories available for the Cagliari. The lack of motorization allows the Cagliari to be installed anywhere – from a private beach to a busy streetside bistro.


  • Maximum width: 8 feet

  • Maximum projection: 13 feet


Configure & Order Cagliari

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