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The Taranto is only there when you need it to be.

The Taranto drop awning does not have a headerbox. Small optional floor brackets, which lock down the Taranto sun shades, take a minimal amount of floor space. Unlike other drop screen awnings, the Taranto has no guide cables or tracks. When the Taranto is open, it has a smooth, natural movement that seems light and unbracketed, and when it's closed, it disappears near-perfectly from view.

The hardware on the Taranto is designed to be interlocking, so you can install a single drop screen or butt multiple screens together to shade large spaces. Special floor brackets make the Taranto easily modular. This allows the Taranto to be used as easy, seamless partitions in an open space, like a porch, in addition to shading and light wind protection.

With any sun shade, the fabric evokes the greatest aesthetic effect, by controlling the light. The Taranto can be spread with two categories of fabric: traditional, cotton-style solution-dyed acrylic and light-dispersing solar fabrics. Each style has a different effect. Solution-dyed acrylics, which are more opaque, bring color into the space. Bright colors – oranges, reds, and yellows – create a warm feeling, while cool colors – blues, violets, and greens – seem calm and tranquil. The solar mesh fabrics are near translucent, diffusing light into pure brightness. Some mesh fabrics are almost like a screen, allowing people to see outside while still offering protection from sunlight, UV rays, dust, insects, and pollen.

Ultimately, the Taranto brings protection and style to the level that you need it, and quietly tucks away, not leaving any impediments or framework, when you don't.


  • Maximum width: 16 feet

  • Maximum drop: 20 feet. Varies by fabric type 



  • Manual crank

  • Radio motor

  • Non-radio motor

  • Manual override for motors

  • Select from three major motor makers: Somfy, Simu, and Asa.

  • Both 110v and 220v motors and plugs available

  • Hard-wired or plug-in motors both available


  • Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics: quick-drying, mold resistant, stain resistant, with the same vibrancy and print on both sides of the fabric

  • Solar-friendly mesh materials from 3G Mermet, Phifer, and Ferrari

  • An industry-leading fabric warranty up to 10 years - Varies by fabric manufacturer

  • Lettering and logo screen printing


  • Wall

  • Ceiling, soffit, eave, or overhang

Configure & Order Taranto

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