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Warranty Information

Each RetractableAwnings.com product is assembled to your specifications, using your selected colors, fabrics, and options. Each component within a RetractableAwnings.com product has its own manufacturer’s warranty. The details and terms for each available component is listed here.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all warranties are non-prorated. This means that the manufacturer assumes all costs associated with replacing any damaged or defective component.

Awning and Patio Cover Frames: All Models (except Genova)

All models of retractable awnings, lateral arm awnings, patio covers, and other covering systems have a 25-year, non-prorated warranty. This fully covers any potential damage or defect in the frames of the awnings, including (where applicable) drainpipes, guttering, and other structural elements.

Awning Frame: Genova

The Genova awnings frame has a six-year, non-prorated warranty. This fully covers ay potential damage or defect in the frame of the awning.

Motors and Controls

Depending on the awning or cover system chosen, it is possible to include manual cranks, motors, remote controls, and sensors for wind, sun, or rain. All of the motor and control accessories, regardless of manufacturer, are covered by a five-year, non-prorated warranty.


All retractable and lateral arm awnings use GORE Tenara thread. Tenara thread is covered by a lifetime warranty against seam separation, meaning that the thread will not weaken or break and cause the awning fabric to pull apart.

Vertical drop awnings (screens) and patio cover systems do not use GORE Tenara thread, and the thread is on those models is not covered by a separate warranty.


Because of the different underlying materials, dyes, manufacturing techniques, and treatments, each fabric line has its own warranty. Many manufacturers offer a 10-year, prorated warranty, but check with the specific manufacturer and product line to verify the warranty for your selected fabric.

All fabric warranties are prorated.

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  • Ferrari
  • Para
  • Sunbrella
  • Recasens
  • Phifertex
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